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Education Unlimited was founded in 1993 to provide outstanding academic programs for students grades

5 through 12. The principles that guide Education Unlimitedís summer offerings include:

a Students learn best when learning is focused, fun and challenging.

a Summer is a chance for learning that goes beyond the classroom and engages the heart and mind.

a Residential programs help students stay focused by immersing them into a supportive environment and helping them to maximize achievement.

a Superb teaching fosters a life-long love of learning.

Our program offerings include the College Admission Prep Camp, Berkeley Summer Focus, the California Acting Workshop, the Jefferson Public Speaking Institute and the BayTec Computer Camp. These programs are held on prominent college campuses and are offered as both

commuter and residential programs. This brochure explains a little more about each of the programs

and introduces you to the people who put them together. More detailed brochures about all of the programs are available upon request.

Please feel free to contact us toll-free at 800-548-6612 at our offices in Berkeley, California. You can also visit us on the internet at We look forward to finding out how we can help you in the months ahead!





Matthew Fraser

Executive Director of Education Unlimited;

teacher for 10 years at The Head-Royce School; and Director of Forensics, Debate Society of Stanford University


"I love that so many of our students over the years have commented that the teachers they worked with at Education Unlimited summer programs are the best teachers they have ever had. Ever! And outstanding as the teachers are, I also admire that they keep working to improve what is already excellent."




Sasha Peterson

Education Unlimited Director of

Business Development; Former Speech

and Debate Coach; B.A., University of

California, Berkeley


"I think itís great that we have so many different programs to choose from. Students interested in really honing in on academics this summer can attend the College Admission Prep Camp or Berkeley Summer Focus. If a student wants something more artistic we offer a theater or public speaking camp. I am proud of the fact that at Education Unlimited, every student is assured a quality camp experience."


Robert Thomas

Managing Director of Education

Unlimited; High School Speech and

Debate Instructor


"Education Unlimited sessions provide students access to stimulating new subjects, a sampling of life on a college campus, and a chance to meet people from all over the United States and the rest of the world. What I like best about our camps, though, is the amazement on our attendees faces as they realize how much fun an academic camp can be!"


Christina Lai

Education Unlimited Customer Service Director; Former Education Unlimited camp participant


"What makes working at Education Unlimited camps so special to me is remembering how exciting learning was as a participant. As a staff member now, when a student understands something new for very the first time, I get excited too! Those moments are my favorite part of the job. Sharing an enthusiasm for learning is why I came to camps with Education Unlimited, and itís why I continue to be involved with them."


Ryan Mills

Director of Program Development for

Education Unlimited; English/Speech

and Debate instructor for over a decade; B.A., Loyola Marymount University of

Los Angeles


"Summer is a wonderful time to explore new opportunities, test new ground and meet new friends. At Education Unlimited, we believe students can have fun, educational experiences both in and out of the classroom. Our wide variety of programs allow students to prepare themselves not only for greater academic success, but for life!"



Jon Hersey

Education Unlimited Program Director

and General Counsel; J.D., University of California, Los Angeles; B.A., University of California, Berkeley


"The main reason I feel so strongly about Education Unlimited and its programs is, quite simply, the students. It is such a thrill that each summer we get such a diverse group of students. We have students from throughout the U.S. and even all over the world. The excellent students make it easy for us to ensure that every participant returns from our camps with fond memories of their summer experience."





College Admission

Prep Camp

A fun yet intensive program which helps students to succeed in the increasingly competitive and often mystifying college admission process. Students who attend the College Admission Prep Camp take seminars in SAT preparation (averaging 100+ point increases in 1998), essay writing, college counseling, interview technique and study skills. Founded in 1993, the program is offered at major university campuses including UC Berkeley, Stanford and UCLA. Participants get a jump on the college admission process before the fall application season even begins. And since it is summer, a variety of recreational activities are offered to make the experience fun and memorable.

Jefferson Public

Speaking Institute

The Jefferson Public Speaking Institute provides students with practical instruction in public speaking, rhetoric and logic through an interactive curriculum. Special programs include the "American Legal Experience", a week-long seminar that uses "mock trial" activities as a fun and challenging way to learn. A large international enrollment ensures a rich social and cultural experience for all. Held at prominent university campuses, the program seeks to provide students with a distinct advantage over students who have not had training in public speaking!


Acting Workshop

A three-week studio theater program, the California Acting Workshop helps students become more skilled and well-rounded actors. The program refines studentsí abilities in several different acting skills: basic acting technique, voice, movement and improvisation. Each workshop participant will have several opportunities to present their work; whether it be the development of a character from a scripted piece or a character from an improvised scenario. Each student leaves the workshop with a monologue that he or she feels confident performing, whether as an audition or performance piece. Participants attend multiple theater and area trips. In 1998, every single participant rated the overall quality of the program a 9 or 10 out of 10!



Computer Camp

This camp teaches creative and practical computer skills normally unavailable in a traditional school setting. At the BayTec Computer Camp, students use computer technologies that are related to academic success and ultimately in business and life. The programís curriculum includes seminars in uses of applications, page layout and design, internet programming and C++ programming. While producing the weekly camp newsletter, students also improve their writing and editing skills. Camp participants will leave having designed and posted their own web page and authoring a C++ program. Sessions for beginning, intermediate and advanced students are offered.


Summer Focus

This unique program offers students the opportunity to take college level courses at the University of California, Berkeley and earn college credit while living in a structured and supervised living environment. In addition to the university courses, Berkeley Summer Focus students choose from a variety of electives taught by Education Unlimitedís expert faculty and receive tutoring on most evenings. Recreational weekend excursions include trips to the City, beach, parks, amusement parks and Major League Baseball games making the experience not only academically enriching but exciting and fun as well! Berkeley Summer Focus is run in partnership with Berkeley Summer Session, UC Berkeleyís summer school program.

Summer Tours Unlimited

Have fun visiting Italy, France or East Coast Colleges! These trips are run by experienced European and East Coast tour operators who have been running similar programs for years. They offer a great mix of education, culture and an opportunity to travel in a comfortable, supervised environment while making friends all over the world.



A free referral service to traditional camps, sports camps and other travel and specialty summer adventures. If we donít have what you are looking for, our helpful referral agents can set you up with a program that meets your needs. Camps Unlimited, sponsored by participating camps, is available toll free at 1-888-520-CAMPS.



"I feel it was a great experience overall. My son came back with new knowledge and even more enthused about a career in computers. He also enjoyed the dormitory experience and making new friends."

Kathleen Tanner Spiker, Parent of past participant


"The camp was absolutely wonderful and exceeded my expectations. The actual program was even better than the description. My daughter goes away to school

and has been to many camps. This is the first one that every phone call home was a grand experience. The camp had an extremely positive and supportive faculty. She was so excited and energized ó she did not want the camp to end."

Dianna Costa, Parent of past participant


"This is by far the best camp my daughter has attended. Sheís actually using the skills she learned because she is motivated."

Sandra Roussell, Parent of past participant

"The staff was great and had a lot of enthusiasm for teaching the students. It was fun as well as educational."

Chris Hsu, BayTec Computer Camp participant


"The experience was wonderful. My daughter had a great time and learned so much! She was so full of enthusiasm. We are very pleased about the decision to send her to Education Unlimited."

Marlene Penny, Parent of past participant

"The feature I liked best was that the criticizing was done in a joking matter. The camp was great! I would definitely recommend it. It was fun and you learn

a lot."

Michael Yen, Education Unlimited program participant

"Our daughter had a wonderful time! Since it was our daughterís first experience staying away from home I was impressed that she always felt that there was an adult to turn to when she needed one (she is only 12)."

Sandace Green, Parent of past participant