Welcome to the CyberCorpse! If you were once a reader of the elegant print objet called Exquisite Corpse, do not distress! You may grieve, as hundreds of our contributors and thousands of our subscribers already have, but do not prolong unnecessarily the awkward deathbed scene. The elegant print objet Exquisite Corpse is dead. Muerto. Deceased. Finito. But, lo and behold! It is resurrected! In the afterlife!

As the editor of this journal has proposed many times, cyberspace is an afterlife. It is not an afterlife filled with shishkebob and narded holographic sex objects a la Kuran, or a harp-strumming, brook-gurgling Paradiso a la Dante, but an Honest-To-Goodness fin-de-millenium technological Afterlife where Everyone Who Uses A Computer Will End Up, Alive or Dead. What is good about the afterlife-in-cyberspace is that you can be in it while still (though barely) in your living body. Eventually, everyone on the earth will exit from the bodies they still inhabit (though barely) and take their assigned seats in the Web Groves of Cyberspace. Cyberspace is what Christians of a certain stripe call the Rapture. It is taking place as we speak, as more and more of us, Believers in the Great Techne, are moving into cyberspace. And fear not: from now on, the Corpse--the Exalted CyberCorpse!--will be with you. We shall be with you until we die again (of boredom!), an Event which will be called The Second Dying, and from which, helas, there is no return. Unless some techno-Geek decides to resurrect us! But let's not get paranoid.

The CyberCorpse will by chockful of all the wonders that made Exquisite Corpse so violently loved and hated. What you will be losing in LEAFING THROUGH, you will be gaining in POINTING AND CLICKING. The humanity of our readers lies in the gap between these two activities. But you already knew that we could be beastly. Enjoy. Oh, and there is an added pleasure: you can respond directly to what you read and we will incorporate your e-mails directly into the body of the next CyberCorpse. Oh, and pleasure number two: all the CyberCorpses will be available in the Archive, so you can go back at will into our shared past.