May 2, 1997

Dear Corpse:

New York University has a cool new librarian named Marvin Taylor. He is in charge of the Fales Library, which has started to rabidly collect new writing. For instance, they collect limited editions (rare Joe Brainard books), magazines, letters--they even collect my stuff. A friend of mine recently sold his collection of contemporary journals, letters, and poet-junk to them for $10,000 (mostly stuff from 1979 to now).

My point in writing to you is that you might try approaching them about buying a run of Exquisite Corpse. You might mention you've published a number of New York's "downtown" writers because NYU is extremely focused on expanding its collection of "downtown" literature. If they aren't interested in buying your magazines, you might want to donate it to them. It's a pretty serious collection they have, with a lot of exhibitions, readings, etc. You should write Marvin Taylor c/o:

New York University, Fales Library
70 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012-1091


Mike Topp

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