trial and eros

in giving birth to myself
I learn to fuck & be torn apart

my breasts are like twin goats
moved to death by the morning milk

I am guided by my woman's body
her silver-shaped tears
the sleep of infants
innocent and full of urine

suddenly she is smiling
sniping from the gutters
lilting like angels' trumpets dream
in a charming corset
made of poems

my thoughts stumble on after her

* * *

you are as physical as a disease
I can taste you
the nude distending
inside my head
my crazy bird pointing skyward
dropping down over the pyramids

I am an after hours eternal history
putting this bed to dream b/w martinis

each panoramic second clinks like fresh
flowers beneath your embroidered skin

my eyes are brimming like chalice

I spill your miracles
under a rock
which is where I lay your heart
to rest

* * *

I can hardly remember the future
the air of water
the tough magic of clouds
settling into the earth
the piano keys floating up
to greet us

are you happy, sad, not happy?


and where are you?

I'm here
on the levee
by the 10 years
since I've
seen you

my cigarette is always lit

the cold uneven music presses
my wet face into wet glass

I'm waiting for you to love me
like water

glyphs of ochre and goodbyes
trail on the ground

Dave Brinks........

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